The Ranch Community Store 

Benefiting Chestnut Mountain Ranch Boys Home and School


Level:                  Entry
Job Location:     Morgantown, WV
Position Type:   Full Time
Salary Range:    $11.00 Hourly
Job Shift:            Day



To ensure all clothes are sorted correctly and distributed to be hung on the floor for sale. As with all positions employed by The Ranch Community Store, Sorters are to maintain a high standard in professionalism and provide top quality service and appreciation to every Customer, Client & Employee.


  • Sort clothing to determine items that are not at the level of quality for sale
  • Ensure clothing is sorted into appropriate categories i.e., mens, womens, plus, etc.
  • Ensure that all seasonal items are sorted out of inventory and placed in appropriate bins for distribution at a later date
  • Ensure maintaining the requirement of a minimum racks per day for the entire department
  • Ensure maintaining quota of store quality garments an hour by department
  • Assist with hanging merchandise as needed
  • Assist with running clothing as needed
  • Assist with dumping tables as needed
  • Assist with Rag Out if requested by the Production Supervisor or Assistant Production Supervisor
  • Maintain required cross-training for the various departments in the Production area as required for coverage if deemed necessary by the Production Supervisor and/or Assistant Production Supervisor


  • Assist in creating a pleasant and hospitable work environment and maintain strong customer relationships
  • Handle all donations with care and donors with respect and courtesy
  • Assist in cleaning and general maintenance of store property
  • Immediately report theft, customer complaints, injuries and any unsafe equipment or conditions to management
  • Maintain a clean and clutter free work area
  • Comply with The Ranch Community Store Employee Manual and any other established standards, policies, and directives of The Ranch Community Store Management
  • Other duties that may be assigned by your Immediate Supervisor, Store Manager, Production Manager, and/or Executive Director



  • Proficiency in both written and spoken English
  • Excellent customer service skills with a strong sense of urgency
  • Ability to multi-task with a strong focus on attention to detail
  • Knowledge of types of clothing and name brands of clothing a plus
  • Any prior retail experience a plus


WORKING CONDITIONS: Please Note Lifting Requirements of the various positions will vary from as little as 10 lbs. up to and including 70 lbs. If you are lifting an item that may be heavier than normal, please ask for assistance.

 C C =Constantly F=Frequently O=Occasionally R=Rarely
(5-8 hrs./shift)     (2-5 hrs./shift) (Up to 2 hrs./shift) (Does not exist as regular part of job)

Physical Demands

Environmental Conditions
Standing   C
Extreme Cold  R
Walking F
Extreme Heat R
Sitting R
Temperature Changes R
Lifting F
Wet R
Carrying O
Humid  R
Pushing O
Noise O
Pulling F
vibration R
Climbing R
Hazards R
Balancing F
Atmospheric Conditions R
Stooping O
Other (define):
Kneeling R
Crouching R
Crawling R
Reaching F
Physical Strength
Handling F
Little Physical Effort F
Grasping F
Light Work F
Feeling O
Medium Work O
Talking O
Heavy Work R
Hearing F
Very Heavy Work R
Repetitive Motions C
Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination F